The Finishing Touch

UltraProtect® is a new process for corrosion protection of metals. UltraProtect® combines an excellent corrosion resistance with a solid looking finish.

With UltraProtect® a considerably higher corrosion protection is possible than with hot dip galvanization. UltraProtect® guarantees a corrosion resistance of over 1.000 hours salt spray test without red rust. At the same time UltraProtect® is the ideal treatment for threaded products.

Conclusion: UltraProtect® offers all the positive features of elektro zinc plating, but has the appearance of hot dip galvanizing. Loko Gramsbergen B.V. has exclusivity for applying this treatment for the Benelux. UltraProtect® is available for rack galvanization and for barrel line galvanization.


Galvanizing processCorrosion
Indoor UseOutdoor UseLayer Thickness*SurfaceAppearance
UltraProtect®+++++++++**smoothdull grey
Hot dip galvanisation+++++*****roughdull grey
Electro zinc plating
Thick layer passivization blank with topcoat+++++**smoothgreyish
Thick layer passivization yellow with topcoat+++++**smoothlight yellowish
Thick layer passivization blank++++/-*as base materialiridescent
Thick layer passivization yellow++++/-*as base materiallight yellow iridescent
Blue passivization++-*as base materialbluish