The Finishing Touch

Loko specializes in electrolytic galvanizing of a variety of products made from various basic materials such as iron, copper, brass and cast iron.Loko_Album_250x250_09

Galvanizing cast iron is a special process which is not possible at every galvanizing company.
Loko uses a zinc process based on acid which make it possible to galvanize cast iron.

This process can be carried out on all of our barrel Installations (small to medium-sized products) or on our rack Installation (large or vulnerable products). To give the zinc coating additional protection various types of post-treatment are possible at Loko. In addition, Loko offers the possibility of packing your product and delivering it to you or your customer.

Together with our supplier we developed a unique process that provides excellent corrosion protection.



Blue Chrome 6 free
Yellow Chrome 6 free
Thick film Chrome 6 free


Gleitstar® (a transparent dip coating)

UltraProtect® 1000

Barrel installations

In the case of barrel galvanization the products are deposited in rotating barrels in which they are transported through the galvanization installation. Barrel galvanization is used in most cases for smaller products such as bolts, nuts, screws and clamps. In most cases this is referred to as bulk goods.

Installation 1Barrels with a capacity of 200 liters with disk contacts, highly suited for larger products or products that hook into each other. Maximum capacity 1,000kg/hour
Installation 2Barrels with a capacity of 150 liters with cable contacts, suitable for small products. Maximum capacity 1,250 kg/hour.
Installation 3Barrels with a capacity of 240 liters with cable contacts, suitable for small and large products. Maximum capacity 1,500 kg/hour.

Rack installations

In the case of rack galvanization the products are hung individually on a rack and then transported through the galvanization installation. In most cases rack galvanization is used for larger products or vulnerable products which might become deformed or damaged during the barrel process. Each product is handled manually as a result of which the quality of the finished product can be better guaranteed.

InstallationMaximum dimension 3,000 x 1,200 x 800 mm. Maximum capacity 1,500 kg/hour.