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Loko was founded in 1945 in Weesp in the Dutch province of North Holland. In 1955 the company was acquired by Gerrit Geertshuis. At that time the activities consisted of electrolytic copper, nickel, chrome and zinc plating.

To be able to expand its capacity the Galvano Techniek Gramsbergen company was acquired in 1990. In 1991 this company was renamed Loko Gramsbergen BV.  In Weesp, Loko focused from that time primarily on nickel and chrome plating and in Gramsbergen on zinc plating.
In 2002 Loko decided to dispose of the operation in Weesp and to specialize in electrolytic zinc plating.

Excellence in galvanization

kiwaNowadays Loko specializes in electrolytic zinc plating and thick-layer passivization. With one modern rack installation and three barrel installations Loko is one of the largest zinc plating companies in the Benelux countries. Our zinc plating installations are computer-controlled and fully automated. The output is of a constantly high quality level. Our professional skill gives your product absolute added value!

What’s in it for you?

  • Short delivery time
  • Large capacity available
  • Constant, high quality
  • Various post-treatments
  • After care & transport