The Finishing Touch

Loko was one of the first galvanizing companies to specialize in Thick-film Passivization.

This process offers interesting benefits, such as:

  • very high corrosion resistance (better than conventional Chrome 6 yellow passivization)
  • the possibility of combining with a relatively thin sink layer
  • temperature resistance up to 210°C
  • less adverse environmental impact (Chrome 6 free)

The corrosion resistance after a Thick-film Treatment can be even further improved by application of a sealing Gleitstar® top layer. This post-treatment has a repairing effect on scratches and light damage and is in particular very suitable for drum work.

Thick-film passivization is preeminently suited for products that are currently hot-dip or cobalt galvanized. Examples of this are fencing components, fastening materials, bodywork parts, stall construction materials and other products used in corrosive circumstances.

Advantages of thick-film versus thermal galvanizing:

  • suitable for screw thread (without chasing)
  • optically more attractive (hot-dip galvanized products quickly turn white)
  • more environmentally friendly (thinner layer = less sink)

Advantages of Thick-film versus cobalt galvanizing:

  • visually more attractive (the original zinc color is retained)
  • more environmentally friendly as the zinc layer does not contain cobalt
  • more cost-effective
TreatmentResult with white rustResult until red rust
Standard passivization48 hours168 hours
Tick-film passivization with Gleitstar® topcoat (Zn 10 DS-GS)336 hours>600 hours
Hot-dip galvanized (for comparison purposes)24 hours400 - 600 hours
Treatment: standard galvanisation
Treatment: Thick-film passivation with Gleitstar® topcoat (Zn 10 DS-GS)