The Finishing Touch


A condition for the durability of your product is that the galvanization process is carried out with great care. At Loko the conditions of the process fluids are checked frequently during all processes. This guarantees a high and constant quality. In addition, regular random checks on the finished products ensure continuous monitoring of the settings used.

Consequently our processes comply with the international standards ISO 1456, 1458 and 2081. Loko has been ISO-9001 certified since 1997 and has broad experience in compiling quality reports. Loko uses calibrated measuring equipment for this purpose. In addition, if desired, we can have salt spray tests carried out in order to prove the quality of the zinc layer that we have applied.

Environment Environment

Galvanization no longer has to be a major burden for people and the environment. Maximum account has been taken of this in the choice of equipment and processes. All our installations meet the latest requirements in the area of working conditions and the environment.

Own process water

In contrast to many other galvanizing companies Loko does not use tap water for its process, but a unique and newly developed system. For this purpose two nearby groundwater wells are used. After the groundwater has been pumped to the surface oxygen is added to the water. It is then pumped back into the ground. As a result of the oxygen the substances that would interfere with Loko’s processes are deposited in the sand. This results in a ground water buffer that is suitable for use as rinsing water.

Clean air

All vapor released during the process is extracted from the bath edge. It is then cleaned by two gas washers and discharged externally.