The Finishing Touch

Automobile industryAutomobile industry

The automobile industry sets extremely high quality standards with regard to corrosion protection. Our specialization in thick layer passivization enables us to treat a wide variety of car components, such as parts of towing hooks, brake cylinders and hose clamps.


Food sectorFood sector

In the food industry hygiene is an important factor. On our suspension lines we galvanize thousands of bread baskets and shop racks annually.


Heating industryHeating industry

In central heating boilers many parts are made of cast iron. Loko is one of the few galvanizing firms that offer the possibility of galvanizing cast iron. We are also highly skilled at galvanizing parts of copper piping systems, whether or not in combination with brass coupling nuts.



The construction industry also sets high standards in terms of durability and surface protection. In our galvanizing installations we galvanize a wide variety of builder’s fittings such as lift-off hinges, but also suspension systems for water pipes and electric conduits.


Fittings industryFittings industry

Whether it’s a matter of compression couplings or brass or steel bends, T-pieces or connection sleeves, Loko galvanizes them. In the case of these products adhesion of the zinc layer is crucial. Since many such products are assembled after galvanizationin the course of which they are squeezed together, it is crucial that the zinc layer does not come off. Good process control is highly important in this context. Due to our experience and good skills we have customers in this industry as far as the UK.



In our rack and barrel installations we provide hundreds of thousands of fastening products, such as pipe clamps, cantilever arms, nuts and bolts with the correct surface protection, every year. Particularly in the case of the thread of bolts it is important for the zinc layer not to be too thin but also not too thick. Naturally these products too are in good hands with Loko!